The Unhealthiest Things We Do without Thinking twice

Nowadays, the rules regarding what is healthy and what is not appear to be changing on the daily. Namely, we are still unable to determine if coconut oil is better on the body or as food. And, the list goes on.

But, one thing is for sure, according to Healing Life Is Natural, day-after-day binging on takeout and on your favorite TV show on Netflix cannot help you become a healthier version of yourself. Here are 8 such habits that you should stop doing if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and better your overall health.

8 Unhealthy Habits You Should Stop Doing

  1. Oversleeping

Although sleep plays a pivotal role in preserving our overall health, having the tendency to oversleep or chronically depriving yourself of sleep has been associated with serious health complications such as obesity, diabetes, heart illness. Believe it or not, hitting the snooze all the time is not a good idea!

  1. Not drinking enough water

Water is important for hydrating the body and it is essential for the proper functioning of the organs. The recommended daily amount of water is up to 8 glasses, but most people do not even reach 2 glasses, even though they may be following a healthy diet. Therefore, remember to increase your water consumption. Your body will be thankful!

  1. Smoking

This is one of the most dangerous habits of all times and it is the leading cause of preventable death cases throughout the world. Tobacco damages the heart and blood flow and puts you at a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart illness, and other health issues.

  1. Overeating

Overeating, regardless of whether we are talking about unhealthy or healthy foods, is never a good idea. Therefore, make sure you significantly lower your portion sizes in accordance to your body sizes. And, learn to eat more mindfully, i.e. slower and with purpose, rather than rushing through meals and not giving time for the body to process and digest what has been consumed.

  1. Too much alcohol

Having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer from time to time can be beneficial for your overall health, however, it can become problematic if you consume it in excessive amounts and too often. Namely, alcohol abuse can lead to serious health concerns like hypertension, high amount of fats in the blood, and even heart failure.

  1. Netflix marathons

According to a study, as seen on Healing Life Is Natural, adults who sat for more than eleven hours per day had a staggering 40 percent higher risk of death within three years in comparison to the individuals who sat for less than 4 hours on a daily basis. So, binge-watching your favorite series during weekends may not be the best solution for your health. Watch one or two episodes and continue the following day instead.

  1. Spending too much time indoors

Spending a large part of your day indoors will reduce your vitamin D levels. As a result, you will feel more fatigued, experience more pain, and also, your risk of depression will elevate. Therefore, always make time for a daily walk in the park or another place you find suitable.

  1. Late night snacks

When you eat or snack after dinner, you will disrupt your sleeping patterns and also increase your chance of gaining weight. Having the habit of midnight snacking has the power to impair the hippocampus or the area of the brain which is in charge of memory formation.



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