What Does the Shape of Your Buttocks Reveal about Your Health?

Did you know that your buttocks’ size and shape can reveal a lot of important information regarding your health? What’s more, opposite to what you may have thought, higher amount of fat in this may not be disadvantageous after all.

According to Curious Mind Magazine, what is more important is where the fat is located. To illustrate, surplus fat in the chest area or in the trunk may signalize a poor health whereas additional fat in the buttocks or hips area is not as bad as you may think!

Fat in the Hips & Buttocks: Bad or Good?

According to Curious Mind Magazine, the fat stored in the hips is actually protecting important organs like the arteries, heart, and liver from bad fat acids. The fat is in fact keeping you safe from diabetes and heart illnesses. Moreover, statistics indicates that women who have bigger buttocks are considered to be more intelligent than others. This is believed to be a result of the fact that those with bigger buttocks require higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which have been associated with brain development.

Research also points out that women with larger buttocks have lower amounts of bad cholesterol and that their bodies are able to produce more hormones for the procession of sugar.

What about the Buttocks’ Shape?

In order to be able to tone your buttocks, you need to be able to know the type of buttocks you have. So, what are you waiting for? Check your rear in the mirror and then read the list below and find out the most similar shape to yours!

  1. Circle-shaped buttocks

This type of buttocks is a sign of a good health. Although there may be a small amount of fat stored in the upper area of the buttocks, you should not be worried; it is easily removed with proper exercise.

  1. V-shaped buttocks

Although it can be noticed in women of any age, usually, it is the older generations that have it. Namely, this is because the fat from the buttocks area is going towards the other areas of the body due to the reduced estrogen concentration.

  1. Heart-shaped

According to some women, this is the best buttocks shape. The buttocks are bigger at the bottom area and smaller in the upper area. But, though it may look appealing, this shape may be a sign that there is some fat accumulation in the upper part of the body. However, people with this shape can lose fat more efficiently than others. To avoid future health problems, make sure you address the surplus fat as soon as possible.

Before you head out, do not forget to check out the following video containing the best exercises for a shaped booty, free of fat:




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