4 Plants that Will Protect You from Mosquitoes for Good

Who does not love summer, right? But, spending an evening outdoors during summer or hanging out in your yard for a get-together with friends and family can become a real “nightmare” because of those annoying mosquitoes that seem to be all over you! And, what’s more, they constantly bite you and damage your skin.

Although a lot of people apply bug-repellents prior to leaving their house, the problem with these store-bought products is that they can be quite sticky and are not always suitable for people with a more sensitive skin, and, what’s more, they are full of harmful toxins and substances we should stay away from.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will present several useful and 100 percent natural methods to fight off mosquitoes without having to spend a small fortune on store-bought insect-repellents.

Mosquitoes & Why they Are so Annoying

As explained on Healthy Holistic Living, mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of our bodily secretions like sweat as well as chemicals like carbon dioxide. So, the more we sweat, the more prone we are to mosquito attacks and bites. Therefore, being surrounded by smells they dislike can be beneficial in reducing their presence.

Alternative Methods to Store-Bought Insect-Repellents

  1. Lemon balm

This plant has a light lemony scent and it possesses strong healing abilities. Many also use it is as a natural remedy against insomnia and anxiety. When you apply it onto exposed body parts, mosquitoes will not come near your skin and what’s more, your skin will also smell beautifully!

  1. Lavender

This purple plant will keep mosquitoes and larvae of different species at bay. Rub some lavender onto the exposed skin parts or add a drop of lavender essential oil onto ribbons and place several of them near opened windows and doors.

  1. Catnip

This plant with greenish heart-shaped leaves has the capacity to repel insects with the help of a chemical found in it known as nepetalactone. However, do not use it if you have cats because the scent of this plant can impact them differently and cause them to behave as they do during mating season.

  1. Catmint

Believe it or not, this minty herb is 10 times more powerful in keeping mosquitoes at bay than DEET chemicals that are commonly included into store-bought bug repellents. You can buy it at the farmer’s market, at the nearest supermarket, or even grow your own supplies.

DIY Essential Oil Recipe for Anti-Mosquito Bug Repellent


4 oz. of water, aloe vera gel or witch hazel

10 drops of citronella oil

10 drops of eucalyptus-lemon oil

10 drops of lavender oil

5 drops of lemongrass

5 drops of peppermint

1 4 oz.-spray bottle

Preparation: Add the base in the spray bottle and then pour the essential oils slowly. Leave a bit of room on the top of the sprayer so that you can close it well. Once closed, shake it and spray it onto exposed skin areas and clothes. Avoid the area around the mouth and eyes. Before each use, remember to shake the content.

Extra Tips:

  • To keep mosquitoes away, you can grow plants in your garden (if you have one) like catmint and lavender. Also, peppermint and basil, well-known cooking herbs can also be great bug-repellents and ease your summer days.
  • Planning a campfire gathering, but you are worried about annoying insects? No worries, just take some sage or rosemary and burn it in the fire- the scent will keep mosquitoes away from the fire and protect your skin.