How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically in an Effective Way

Although vertical gardening may sound like an odd concept to some, there are beneficial methods that can help you achieve it and grow some pretty amazing foods. What’s more, a lot of gardeners prefer this gardening option due to the space-saving characteristics and the easier harvesting process. This type of gardening is especially recommended for cucumbers which tend to take up a lot of area when planted horizontally, i.e. up to 12 to 20 square feet. By implementing raised beds, small land plots, or containers, you will have so much free space for other veggies. Cool, right?

How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically

Step 1- find an adequate container and trellis

Opt for a 12-inch deep and wide container. Since cucumbers come in a numerous variants, so take into consideration that bushy types grow short whereas the vining ones grow tall.

Step 2- find the right size of trellis

To enable proper growth of the cucumbers, they need height support. To provide it, set up a wire mesh fence, trellis, or garden netting. If you opt for trellis, choose the 6-feet ones and go with stiffer ones that will not bend. While placing it, keep the lower edge 6 inches above the level of the soil to ease the weeding and cultivation. Put them in the furthest area of your garden to prevent the vines from throwing shade over your other plants.

Step 3- prepare the area for planting

Dig a hole of 8 inches and while tiling it, add a 1-inch layer of compost. This can be done with a steady garden rake on which you will mound the soil along the trellis line.

Step 4- planting and propagation

Sow the seeds in the pot or directly on the spot. Cover them with 4 inches of soil. Then, after the seeds have germinated, you will see seedlings with leaves and they need to be moved. Transfer the healthiest ones into a large pot or into the frost-free ground, preferably in the spring or summer period. If you live in a warmer climate, do the transfer much earlier.

Important Aspects of Vertical Gardening

  • Expose the cucumbers to the sun as much as possible, but make sure you do not place them in a windy area.
  • Opt for dry, deep, loose, organic, and pH neutral soil.
  • You need to water the cucumbers regularly and keep the soil moist at all times. Opt for an irrigation system equal to an inch of rainfall every four days.
  • Sprinkle quality fertilizer into the soil every three weeks.