If You can Solve this Math Equation, You Are a Genius. Can You Do It?

The truth is, most of us are not very fond of math because of its strict rules and often times, we feel shy or unsure in proving our capacity (or incapacity) to solve a puzzle and show our mind’s capacity because math is involved.

 But, believe it or not, us noted on Healthy Holistic Living, math does not necessarily have to be boring and this math equation is a proof that math can be fun. You will enjoy the patterns it forms and you will easily decipher the equation and check your preparedness.

Are you ready to find out if you are a genius? Go check the test below!

Finding the Connection

1st– decipher the connection between these numbers: 8+2=16106, 5+4=2091, 9+6=54153, 7+5=35122, and 20+3=602317.


Obviously, 8+2 does not equal to 16106 so instead of focusing on the number shown on the right side of the equals signs, consider the combination of the smaller numbers. They are the key to finding the connection. So, what is the relationship of 8 and 2 with 16? What is the relationship between 8 and 2 with 10? Or, the relationship between 8, 2, and 6?

Still have not come up with the solution? No worries, check out the solution below…

The Solution




The results, 16, 10, and 6, when placed together in a line make 16106. The same goes with the remaining equations, just with different numbers.

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