Simple Fix for Vertigo (Video With Instructions)

As explained on Meta Spoon, vertigo is a sensation characterized by feeling off balance and dizzy. A person with vertigo feels as if they are spinning or as if everything around them is spinning. In addition to being annoying, this condition is not easily treated and there is usually an underlying problem causing it and it needs to be determined and treated properly.

To help alleviate the condition and feel better, Dr. Carol Foster of the University of Colorado created a vertigo solution back in 2012 and she shared it in a video with the public and since then, the video with the solution has been viewed more than 2.6 million views.

Check out the video below…

How to Treat Vertigo in Few Simple Steps

The Method Explained

Tip the head up and look in the ceiling and then put it upside down as if you are going to do a somersault. While in this position, turn so that you are facing your left elbow. Wait for dizziness to stop and then elevate the head normally and wait for the dizziness to pass. Sit back quickly.

What Do People Who Have Tried the Method Have to Say?

“It was debilitating- everything was moving and spinning and I could not drive or walk and I had to hold onto the wall. After 4 years of suffering from vertigo, I tried this method and it worked the first time!”