The Woman Who “Hates” Everyone Is actually the Perfect Partner, Here Is why

Being with the woman who has the tendency to “hate” everyone may be the ideal romantic partner for you, as seen on The Power of Silence. If your partner is a woman like this, you will be amazed to learn so many of her different, positive traits that she will also bring into the relationship.  

With this in mind, this article will be focused on presenting a list with 11 best reasons why having such a woman for a partner is a great thing! Come on, let us find out together…

11 Reasons Why It Is Good to Be with the One Who “Hates” Everyone

  1. Meaningful conversations

As this person is not keen on small talk, you will always have a chance to enjoy deep and meaningful conversations with her on different topics. She will help you expand your thinking and knowledge and thus always be there to challenge you on an intellectual level.

  1. She is mature

These women are usually great at handling themselves and controlling their emotions. Since people have a tendency to get on her nerve, she has successfully learned how to cope with them calmly without bursting or showing them the middle finger.

  1. She loves animals

This woman is all about dogs and cats and practically all animals. If at first you thought of her as a person who does not express her emotions enough, just look at her when she is near an animal and you will know.

  1. She follows her dreams

Mingling and meeting with new people is not her thing. Therefore, she has the much needed time to dedicate herself to her dreams and turn them into a reality.

  1. She is very loyal

Infidelity is definitely not her terrain because having to deal with one man is enough effort for her.

  1. She likes to stay in

These women will often choose you, your couch, and a bottle of wine over a night drinking in a bar.

  1. She will not suffocate you

As she dislikes being bothered and smothered, she never does this to her partners. She is well-aware of the fact that we all need space for ourselves and time to do our thing.

  1. Honesty is her policy

This woman is in sync with her feelings so she rarely has a problem telling people the truth. So, if she feels sad or upset, she will tell you and will never pretend as if everything is perfect when it is not.

  1. She has the best friends ever

Due to the fact that she dislikes almost everyone else and does not have time for “energy vampires”, the several people she has in her life are quite the amazing crew.

  1. She is a pro when it comes to excuses

If you do not want to go to some party or an event, be honest with her and she will come up with an excuse right away because she has been using them practically her whole life.

  1. You always know where you stand

If she spends time with you on a regular basis, you need not worry; she considers you to be very special and meaningful to her.





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