5 Natural & Easy DIY Remedies to Remove Bed Bugs for Good (Recipes Included)

One thing is for sure- no one likes bedbugs! These annoying and tiny bugs feed themselves with our blood. Once it feeds, its body swells and acquires a red color. But, this is not visible to the human eye.

According to Wonderful Thing, these bugs activate at night and can lay up to hundreds of eggs. They are not just in our beds, but in our clothes, furniture, etc. Though they cannot fly, they are capable of moving fast on floors, walls, and ceilings.

When there is too much presence of bed bugs in our mattresses or other furniture, we may experience allergic symptoms and skin rashes. With this in mind, in today’s article, the focus will be on showing 5 natural and easy methods to put an end to bed bugs once and for all!

5 Best Natural Remedies to Exterminate Bed Bugs

  1. Tea tree oil

The insecticidal properties of this oil will disrupt the permeability barrier of the structures of the cell membrane and thus, prevent fatality and chemiosmotic control. Here is how to prepare a tea tree oil spray in just a couple of steps:

You will need:

2 tsp of quality tea tree oil

50 ml of water

A spray bottle

Preparation: Put the ingredients in the bottle and close it. Shake well and the anti-bed bug remedy is ready for use!

Use: Spray it in areas where bed bugs commonly appear, furniture, closets, etc.

  1. Lavender oil

This is yet another powerful insecticide which is highly beneficial in exterminating bed bugs. They cannot stand its smell! The lavender acts as a cytotoxin and thus, it destroys the parasites entirely. Below, check out how to prepare a lavender oil spray:

You will need:

10 drops of lavender oil

50 ml of water

Spray bottle

Preparation: Mix the water and lavender oil in the bottle. Shake it well and it is ready for use.

Use: Spray it onto the affected areas.

  1. Bean leaves

Some studies indicate that the trichomes in been leaves hook on the bugs’ legs and thus, they trap them. Amazing, right? So, make sure you place kidney bean leaves throughout different areas of your home, especially underneath the mattress. In several days, replace them with a new set of leaves.

  1. Neem oil

This oil is regularly used for numerous different DIY remedies because of its healing properties, but insecticidal power too. There are also studies which claim that cold pressed neem oil has the power to repel pests. Below, learn how to make your own anti-bed bug neem oil spray:

You need:

4 oz. of water

1 oz. of concentrated neem oil

½ tsp of soap

A spray bottle

Preparation: Mix the ingredients in the spray bottle and it is ready for use.

Use: Spray it onto sheets, mattresses, beds,

  1. Thyme

Did you know that thyme oil and thymol concentrate are highly beneficial bed bug repellents? Here is how you can benefit from it to eliminate all bed bugs once and for all:

Wrap one thyme stick in a cotton cloth and burn it into your bedroom or in other rooms where you might suspect bed bugs are living.

Another method is to put thyme leaves in net bags and to place several of these throughout different rooms. Use new ones daily.




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