Here’s Why You Should Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

With certainty, our feet carry the most weight from the knees and ankles and when one stands for a prolonged period of time, the feet may become swollen, painful, and full of blisters. Sadly, a lot of people fail to pay the much needed attention to their feet and often neglect them, even though they are a pivotal part of the body.

Other people may want to regularly go the spa and get their feet pampered, but they may not have the ability to afford these treatments. With this in mind, it is of great benefit to know that the simplest foot massage done at home can do wonders for tired feet, especially when performed prior to bed.

If you want to learn more why you need to make foot massages a part of your nighttime routine, check out its numerous benefits below!

The Health Benefits of Regular Foot Massage

  1. Lowers hypertension

Did you know that foot massages decrease the chance of hypertension by improving the blood flow? Try it out for yourself and see!

  1. Induces complete body relaxation

There is nothing better than the relief one gets after a foot massage, especially if this happens after a long day at work. This will help you fall asleep easier and sleep calmly throughout the whole night.

  1. Betters your quality of sleep

A lot of people have sleeping problems due to excessive stress, some meds, etc. This being said, it is great to know that foot massages can help you get a good night’s sleep by lowering the tension in the body and promoting relaxation.

  1. Improves the blood flow

Optimal health requires for a proper blood flow, right? When it has been impeded, it will not be able to get sufficient amounts of oxygen and consequently, this may lead to high blood pressure, heart-related issues, as well as kidney problems.

  1. Brings relief from pain

One study showed that post-operative patients experienced improvement in their health after getting regular feet and hand massage as opposed to the individuals who took only painkillers. To boost the effect, perform the massage with the help of essential oils that posses strong anti-inflammatory characteristics to decrease any swelling.

  1. Relieves restless leg syndrome

Suffering from RLS is known to impede sleep. Hence, a quality before-bed foot massage will help you minimize its occurrence.

Best Foot Massage: How to Do It

  • Apply several drops of your favorite essential oil onto your hands and begin massaging the pressure points on the soles
  • While doing this, experiment and apply pressure, not too gently and not too deeply. Be careful with areas that may be tender or sore
  • Then, rub the arch all the way from the heel to the foot’s ball
  • Next, bend the toes back and forth several times and spread the foot by gently grabbing each side and pulling outwards
  • Now, start pulling the toes gently and wiggle them several times. Massage each toe’s side, as well as the area between the toes and the top and bottom too
  • Then, massage the foot with circular motions for several minutes





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