Make This Turmeric-Tomato-Black Pepper Soup In 15 Minutes To Fight Inflammation, Chronic Disease And More

Even though inflammation is an important part of the immunity’s response to health threats, when it happens in excessive amounts, it becomes harmful.

Excessive inflammation has been linked with numerous chronic health issues, including IBS, arthritis, asthma, and MS. This is why people who are diagnosed with a chronic illness are advised to minimize the inflammation through proper lifestyle changes, including healthy diet and physical activity.

When it comes to the diet, the key is to consume more foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and fewer or no foods that contribute to it. One food that we definitely need more of is turmeric. Before we present you a recipe fora delicious and healthy turmeric and tomato soup, let us learn more about why turmeric is considered to be a superfood.

Turmeric: Powerful Food & Natural Remedy

For a long period of time, turmeric has been part of Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. The use today has spread throughout the whole world. In a laboratory research with mice, turmeric minimized the inflammatory cytokine production whereas it elevated the anti-inflammatory cytokine levels.

This spice is also very beneficial for the digestion and it can help with ulcers, IBS, and Crohn’s, as well as cancer.

DIY Turmeric & Tomato Soup Recipe

You will need:

A can of diced tomatoes

An onion, minced

Turmeric powder, 2 tsp

½ tsp of sea salt

A tbsp of ACV

¾ container with cherry tomatoes, rinsed and cut

½ container of veggie stock, low in sodium

2 garlic cloves, mashed

A tsp of coconut oil

A tsp of basil, dried

Black pepper to taste

Preparation: Sauté the onion and garlic in the coconut oil for a minute. Then, add the turmeric and tomatoes. Stir until the tomatoes soften. Now, add the stock, canned tomatoes, basil, and ACV. Bring the heat to medium and once it begins to bubble, cover the content and cook for 5 minutes.

Remove from the heat and pour the content into a blender. Blend for several minutes until you get a creamy texture. At the end,add the salt and pepper. Serve while warm. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Black Pepper & Tomatoes

  • Black pepper, when combined with turmeric, will elevate its bioavailability by amazing 2000 percent. On its own, black pepper helps boost your digestion and fight off oxidative damage.
  • Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a potent antioxidant. This antioxidant minimizes the risk of cancer and heart illness by decreasing your cholesterol and blood pressure. Lycopene bioavailability increases when you consume tomatoes cooked, rather than raw.




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