Place These 4 Plants in Your Bedroom And They Will Help You With Insomnia & Sleep Apnea

If you are also struggling with poor sleep, insomnia, and other sleep-related issues, you should stick around and learn more about how we can help you. Namely, whether it is sleep apnea, nightmares, or sleeplessness, Mystical Raven suggest putting some of the four very powerful plants in your bedroom. There is no need of popping sleeping pills which come with some pretty serious side effects and are also addictive. Oh, no!

According to Natural Living Ideas, anxiety and stress are often the major culprits for insomnia so it is good to know that there are plants which have a calming effect. What’s more, numerous studies point out that spending time outdoors, i.e. in nature is known to lower the stress levels; therefore, it seems pretty logical that we will benefit from bringing a bit of nature indoors!

The plants we are going to show today were found to cleanse the air from toxins and boost healthy sleep during a study conducted by NASA.

4 Plants You Can Place in Your Bedroom

  • Aloe vera

Known for its healing powers, aloe vera can also help you better your sleep quality and reduce the chances for insomnia. This plant is known to produce oxygen at night and thus, it will ease your breathing and help the body to relax and as a result, you will fall asleep easier and faster.

  • English ivy

Did you know that this potent plant has strong absorbing powers and that it will pull all of the chemicals from the air and replace it with clean oxygen? Place it in your bedroom and start reaping its benefits today!

  • Lavender

There is rarely a person who dislikes the pleasant aroma which lavender releases, right? But, besides a pleasant smell, it also has the power to alleviate stress and anxiousness. It also relaxes the body and mind and thus, helps fall asleep faster and easier by decreasing the heart rate. Cool, right?

  • Snake plant

Snake plant is among the plants that produce oxygen at night, but during the day too. Oxygen is pivotal during the sleeping process as it induces relaxation by improving the breathing and thus, you will easily fall asleep and stay asleep for sufficient hours to rest adequately.

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