10 Things Men Like in Women More Then Good Looks

What men want and look for in a woman is almost as mysterious as what women want in men. This topic has been a focus of many terrible romantic comedies from the ‘90s, and it is what tickles every woman’s mind.

Even though the physical appearance is what we notice first, it is definitely not the answer to this question. Most men are firm believers in the old saying that beauty is only skin deep, and tend to look for more in a woman. Looks can be what draws men in, but what keeps them around is definitely not on the outside. Here are some of the thing men like in women:

  1. Independency

Men tend to be more attracted to women that are self-sufficient and independent. Even though women think that men are intimidated by these characteristics, the opposite is the truth – it is one of the most attractive treats there is. A man that is truly a man, and not a child trapped in a man’s body will not care if you make more money, or if you don’t need him to pay for every date; they will appreciate it and find it original and interesting.

  • Sentimentality

Getting emotional in front of your significant other is one of the great milestones of every healthy relationship. Crying, or even being angry, or showing any other human emotion that we tend to keep for when we’re alone, represents a sign of trust. Most men will find the women who is expressive of her feelings and isn’t afraid to show them.

  • Sense of humor

Great sense of humor is what easily draws men in. If you are the type of women who can laugh out loud in a crowded, fancy restaurant, and who can joke and be fun to be around, there is nothing that can keep any man out there away from you.

  • Actually enjoying food

There is nothing more off-putting then a half-eaten plate in a restaurant and an obviously hungry women sitting there, pretending not to want to eat the rest. Even though you might feel insecure about finishing that stake, there is no reason for you to feel so. Men find it appealing and attractive when a woman is confident, especially with her eating. Eat as much as you like, do not worry about what anyone else will think. Enjoy yourself and you’ll be considered the most amazing thing that he has ever seen.

  • Ambitiousness

Tell him about your dreams and ambitions, no matter how far-fetched they might be. If you aspire to be a model, a doctor, a professor, a housewife, or an astronaut; just be proud of your dreams and wishes. Nothing is more attractive than a woman with a goal in her life other than just existing.

  • Being a good listener

Sometimes, all it takes is some that wants to listen to your pointless rambling. And not just listen, nodding their head up and down with no thought of their own on a subject. Every single one of us needs someone to talk to, to confide in to. Be that person for him, and he will do the same for you. Sometimes just a nod and a smile is enough to make someone’s day.

Source: http://hangover-cure.co.uk