The Creator Of Fortnite Is Buying Entire Forests To Prevent Them From Being Chopped Down

Even though you may not be so much into the world of video games, you have probably heard about the billionaire Tim Sweeney! He is the creator of the popular online video Fortnite and has been capturing the attention of video game players for decades with his creation of interactive and exciting digital worlds. But, he is also doing a lot for the “real world” and does not cease in amazing people with his philanthropic acts.

He has promised to help protect undeveloped and diverse lands in western Carolina Mountains for the generations to come and is doing his best to fulfill his promises. How is he doing this? Continue reading the article to find out!

Sweeney’s Fight for Nature Preservation

Since 2008, Sweney has given millions of dollars to conservation projects in his home state, North Carolina for the purpose of preserving the forest lands. He has bought approximately 40,000 acres in the last ten years and is one of the biggest private owners of land in this state. His efforts do not stop here- he has also made donations to conservation parcel projects and bought a 1500-acre expansion in Mount Mitchell State Park.

Back in 2016, he gave $15 million for a project of conservation of 7000 acres in the Box Creek Wilderness. This forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been targeted by a company that wanted to deforest the area and run power lines through it. But, Sweeney purchased the land and thus, contributes to the protection of endangered animal and plant species. There are documents by ecologists for more than 130 rare plant and wildlife species here, as well as some new species.

In 2017, he also bought 193 acres in Alamance County from Sizemore Brothers LLC for the price of $1.973. This was a guarantee that the land will not be developed.  He also bought a parcel of 1500 acres known as Stone Hills which was considered for development for golf resort.

He stated that he did the purchase to preserve the land’s natural beauty. When asked what he plans on doing with it, he mentioned hiking and tree thinning and burning for ecosystem restoration until he finds a long-term conservancy or a state home.




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