This is What Happens to Your Lungs, Brain And Mood When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Besides making a beautiful decorative addition to your bedroom or living room, Himalayan salt lamps will also better your overall health. Did you know that they can filter toxins from the air, to begin with? These lamps are carved out from Himalayan pink salt harvested from the Himalayan mountain area in Pakistan.

When the lamp is lit, it releases a pleasant pink glow. A lot of proponents of these lamps claim that their health advantages are a result of the natural ionizers they contain. What does this mean? This means that they are able to change the electrical charge in the air, which is good for us.

If you are still thinking of whether you should buy this lamp or not, continue reading the article to learn more about it and make a better decision.

Why Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Good for Us?

A Himalayan salt lamp can produce negative ions through the attraction of water particles which evaporate when the lamp is heated. The air, regardless of how dry it feels, always has particles of water in it which carry smoke, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses, etc. and this is not beneficial for the health. This is where the salt lamp helps- it pulls and neutralizes these pollutants. It pulls them in and averts them from penetrating your body.

The Negative Impact of Electronic Devices in Your Home

Did you know that wireless electronic equipment in your home emits positive ions into the air? Hence, it produces electronic smog which has a negative impact on the health, including allergies, mental health issues, insomnia, and more!

This is because the brain is exposed to this smog more than it can cope with. Hence, being able to neutralize these ions is essential.

Below, check out the 5 best reasons why you must place at least one of these lamps in your home.

5 Best Advantages of Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • Purify the air

A salt lamp will significantly better the quality of air in your home. They are good for everyone, especially for people who have problems with asthma, allergies or some other respiratory problem.

  • Boost the mood

Being exposed to negative ions in the air has the capacity to boost your mood and elevate the serotonin levels. This is a chemical associated with the regulation of mood. The lamp will release such ions in the air and thus, you will experience benefits like boosted blood and oxygen flow to the brain and consequently, better mood.

  • Improve sleep

Excessive presence of positively-charged particles may lower the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and mess with your quality of sleep. This is where your Himalayan lamp may be of aid-by emitting negative ions in the air, it will better the atmosphere for sleep and lower anxiety and relax you. So, make sure you place one in your bedroom.

  • Relieve coughing and other cold symptoms

The negative ions being released into the air by Himalayan lamps may keep you safe from germs in the air. They will also improve the filtration of air and block unwanted particles to go into the lungs. This will reduce sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and other symptoms of cold.

  • Calm down allergies and asthma symptoms

Himalayan salt lamps can purify dirt, mold, and mildew from the indoor air. They work similarly to nasal saline sprays in detoxifying the airways. The lamp is also good for the respiratory system and it can relieve symptoms of asthma and respiratory diseases.




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