Your Body Is Seeking Help: 10 Crucial Symptoms You Must not Ignore

You are probably aware that the body tends to send out different types of signals when there is something wrong happening inside? Therefore, you need to listen carefully to what it has to say.

Any type of change that seems odd or is interfering with your health and daily functioning, it is vital that you consult your physician to determine the cause. To help you become a better listener to your body, we have prepared a list with the 10 major symptoms you must never ignore!

Check it out below…

10 Symptoms You must not Ignore

  1. Thinning eyebrows

If you notice that your eyebrows are becoming thinner than usually, consult your physician. You may need to get your thyroid gland checked out as this is a common symptom of hypothyroidism.

  2. Loss of appetite

If you have a normal appetite, but all of a sudden, you have noticed that it has lowered and you have also started losing weight, it is time to consult your physician. This symptom may signalize several different health problems, including metabolic disorder and cancer.

  3. Nail changes

Are your nails changing shape? Have they become wider and thicker or have weird spots? If yes, you should consult a dermatologist or your physician to determine the underlying cause.

  4. Swollen toes

If your toes appear swollen and bigger than usually, you should consult your physician as this could be a possible symptom of psoriatic arthritis.

  5. Itchy skin

Ongoing itchiness throughout the whole body may indicate diabetes. But, before you head out to the doctor’s office, make sure the itchy spot is not a result of an allergic reaction or an insect bite or even because of fabric irritation.

  6. Pink feet

If your feet look really pink and the skin is rather wrinkly and thin, it is recommendable to get your blood checked. This could be a potential sign of diabetes or some other metabolic issue.

  7. Hugging sensation

If you constantly feel as if someone is hugging you or squeezing you too tightly around the waste and legs, you may need to make tests to exclude multiple sclerosis. Other accompanying symptoms are arm and leg sensations that may vary from irritating to aching.

  8. Cannot tolerate being indoors

If you constantly open up the windows wherever you are and regardless of the weather and when you feel much better when you are outdoors rather than at work or at home, it is good to get the heart and thyroid gland tested. This may be a result of a cardiac failure or hypothyroidism.

  9. Sudden need to steal things

Did you know that the sudden need to steal something, even though you are able to buy it, may indicate dementia? This mental health problem is not uncommon among aging individuals and elderly. If you happen to notice this type of behaviour in your grandma or grandpa or mother or father, make sure you encourage them to consult a doctor.

  10. Not tolerating open windows

The weather outside is cold and windy, but you cannot tolerate the windows being closed and you constantly open them? This could be a result of iodine insufficiency which is a known contributor to hypothyroidism.




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