For the First Time: Paralysed Man Treated with Stem Cells Regains Movement

Kristopher Boesen’s life drastically changed when he lost control of his car while driving on a slippery surface and hit a lamp post and a tree. Unfortunately, the accident left him paralyzed from the neck down and was told by his doctors that he may never regain his movement.

But, his life changed when he accepted to undergo an experimental procedure with stem cells. Continue reading the article to learn how stem cell treatment improved this man’s life.

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Boesen Regain Movement

Nowadays, scientists and doctors are working hard on improving stem cell treatment which is considered to be helpful in repairing injured nerve tissue by replacing the damaged cells with healthy ones. Despite no guarantee that the treatment would help, Boesen accepted to be a part because he thought the risk was worth taking.

The first dosage that was injected contained 10 million AST-OPC1 cells directly into the cervical spinal cord. The stem cells were acquired from donated eggs that were fertilized in vitro. In a lot of cases, patients with spinal cord injury undergo surgical procedures which help stabilize the spine; however, they do little in restoring the sensory and motor functions.

The team of doctors that worked with Boesen explained that the goal of their experimental study with stem cells is to test a procedure which may be helpful in boosting the neurological function in people who are paralysed. This can make all the difference between permanent paralysis and an ability to use the arms and hands.

Three weeks after the treatment, Boesen’s condition began improving and in a period of two months, his motor functions significantly bettered. Now, he was able to operate with a wheelchair, answer his phone, and write down his name. The bodily movements improved additionally after recovering two spinal cord levels.

What Did Boesen Have to Say?

After the amazing success with the stem cell therapy, he said that all he wanted from the start was to have a fighting chance. But, he did not think twice when he was offered a treatment that could bring him back on his two feet.

Though the medical team cannot promise any additional improvement, their stem cell research is ongoing and they will try their best to increase his chances even more. In addition to helping with paralysis, stem cell therapy is also used for the treatment of cancer, Parkinson’s, and diabetes.




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