Family Urges People to Make Surprise Visits to Nursing Homes after their Mom Is Found Alone & Gasping for Breath!

When there are no other options left, many people turn to nursing homes. These institutions are designed with the goal to help elderly and provide them with the needed comfort and health care and ease their lives.

Knowing the purpose of nursing homes, no one would expect the elderly there to be mistreated or neglected by the staff, right? Unfortunately, the story of the 80-year-old Esther Brown from Ohio shows us the dark side of nursing homes and the staff that works there.

The Unfortunate Story of Esther Brown

Esther Brown lived in the Altercare Nobles Pond in Canton. One day, her family’s pastor and her son James decided to pay her a visit. But, when they arrived in the nursing home, they were shocked.

Esther was left completely alone in the nurses’ station in the strangest position. She was resting on a pillow placed on a desk and was choking in her own saliva. The family could not believe their eyes and the son started to cry yelling “mom, mom, this is my mom!”

The pastor, Julia Wiggins, made two photos which she used to encourage other families to check up on their loved ones in nursing homes. She shared the photos on social media in the hope to show what the real situation in Altercare Nobles Pond is.  

The unannounced visit was supposed to be a surprise for Esther; but the surprise was the other way around. At first, they noticed something strange at the nurses’ station and first thought it was a cat. But, when they came closer, they saw that it was actually Esther!

They were calling for 10 minutes, but no one appeared. Once the lady recognized the voice of her son, she started to move a bit and they immediately started helping her.

The family filed a complaint against the facility and the investigation is ongoing. If you want to learn more about this shocking event, make sure you check out the video shown below.




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