Recent Study Shows the more You Spend Time with Your Mother, the Longer She Will Live

Nowadays, we all seem to have busy schedules, especially as we enter the adult years. And, it becomes more and more difficult as the years go by to find the time to spend with our mothers and grandmothers as we are busy caring for our families.

Even though this is completely normal and understandable and our parents and grandparents know this, we must never allow ourselves to completely forget about them.

In addition to spending time with your mother and grandmother because they are the most important women in your life and your best friends, you should also do it because it helps the elderly live longer!

Come on, let us find out how!

What Did the Study Show?

According to the study, elderly relatives who regularly spent time with the younger members of their family lived longer than those who did not. During the study, the elderly who spend more time on their own lived shorter than those who communicated and spent time with their sons, daughters or grandchildren.

According to experts, this happens because loneliness and isolation eventually take their toll, regardless of age. This being said, we need our families and friends to remain healthy both mentally and physically as we age.

Are Senior Homes Good for Seniors?

Though they are often followed by a bad reputation, senior homes can be more beneficial for your parents or grandparents than you think. Namely, befriending other seniors has mutual benefits because they provide us with the needed companionship and we do too.

Therefore, do not wonder what your elderly relative is up to, but call them up and arrange a meeting. You are helping them live longer and preserve their health!




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