Struggling with Insomnia? Try ‘Sleepy Dust’- the Best Natural Sleeping Remedy

Unfortunately, a lot of people today have been dealing with insomnia and many of you who are reading this article are probably searching for a remedy that will help them get a good night’s sleep.

As we know, insomnia or chronic sleeplessness can significantly weaken our immunity and overall health since sleep is a crucial period for the body and mind. They use this time to rejuvenate, replenish the reserves, and get you ready for the following day.

However, when sleep does not happen or lasts shortly, these and many other important bodily functions do not happen. This being said, a lot of people reach for over-the-counter sleeping pills in hope to finally get that needed slumber.

But, the issue with this meds is serious because they come with unpleasant and harmful side effects and are also addictive. Luckily, there are all-natural ways to boost your sleep, including DIY remedies.

 In today’s article, we will present a recipe for one such remedy. Try it out for yourself and enjoy your sleep!

DIY Natural Sleep Remedy

You will need:

5 tbsp of cane sugar

2 tbsp of sea salt

Preparation: In a bowl, combine these two ingredients well. Then, before going to bed or when struggling with insomnia, place the mixture under the tongue. Leave it to melt. Take it regularly or until your sleeping patterns improve.

The Amazing Powers of Sugar & Salt

When it comes to the metabolism, stress management, and energy production, salt and sugar can do wonders because they are important cell suppliers. Namely, the sodium present in the intercellular fluids improves their respiration and production of energy whereas the glucose from sugar fuels the mitochondria. It also informs the body to decrease the release of stress hormones.




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