Top 8 Best Smelling Houseplants to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Without doubt, plants do a lot for us and ask for very little in return. Just being in the presence of plants benefits our overall health in numerous different ways, i.e. they clean the air we breathe, reduce our stress and boost our mood, help us work more productively, and may help us cope with pain.

Therefore, keeping plants in our homes is pivotal for our overall health. But, they will not just freshen up your space and add more beauty to it, but will also help you ditch those store-bought air fresheners and leave your home smelling wonderfully.

Continue our article to check out our 8 suggestions for best smelling indoor plants!

8 Best-Smelling Indoor Plants

  • English lavender

This plant has to offer so many different benefits for your health and home. English lavender is the most aromatic variety of all and it needs to be placed in an area with a lot of sun and proper air flow. Plant it in a spacious pot and feed it monthly.

  • White jasmine

This twining vine produces clusters of flowers shaped as stars and it will bring the aroma of summer in your home even during winter. Place the plant in a sunny and humid area either in a pot or a hanging basket. But, make sure it has trellis or a stake because its clinging vines need to grasp onto something to grow properly.

  • Twinkle orchid

The oncidium hybrid blooms with dime-sized flowers that release a pleasant vanilla scent and despite what you may think, orchids are not hard to take care if you do it in the right way. Place the plant in a bright area, but not directly exposed to sunlight. Since they are epiphytes, place them in an orchid mix or peat moss and fir bark.

  • Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus is known to emit a sweet and minty aroma while its silvery, blue-green foliage provides a pleasant visual contrast among other pure green plants. This plant is also a fast grower and it matures from seed to shrub in one growing season. If you keep it indoors, prune it into a bushy form or to look as a tree. Place it in an area which is exposed to the sun. Feed it weekly in spring and summer with a low nitrogen fertilizer.

  • Sweet bay

This evergreen tree has thick and glossy leaves while its foliage releases an herbal scent with a bit of floral note. Remember to cut some of its leaves occasionally and use them to enrich the taste of your sauces, stews, and soups. Put the plant in an area which receives full sun and some shade.

  • Stephanotis

This plant has attractive dark green leaves throughout every season and it is a vining plant that releases a sweet smelling aroma from the flowers in spring and summer. Plus, you will love it because it is so easy to grow. It only requires bright light exposure and the adequate support to climb on and grow.

  • Scented leaf geranium

No matter the type of scented geranium you opt for, make sure you enjoy their strong fragrance fully by placing the plant in a sunny area where it can get at least 5 hours of sun per day.

  • Citrus tree

Citrus plants like orange or lemon will release a pleasant and fruity aroma in your indoor garden or home. Citrus plants need to be regularly watered and fed with an all-purpose fertilizer in spring and summer. Though you can grow them from seeds, they need around 6 hours for them to bloom. If you want the blooming to happen faster, use starter plugs.




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