Grammy Nominee Nipsey Hussle, Making Documentary on the Cure for Cancer & Aids, Murdered in Broad Daylight

Have you heard of Nipsey Hussle, a Grammy nominated rapper who was an inspiration for great musicians and athletes? Before his death, Hussle worked on a documentary that centred on the life of Dr. Sebi or Alfredo Darrington Bowman and his alleged cancer and AIDS cures.

However, after he was murdered in broad daylight, the documentary may never come to light. Hussle was shot on March 31 outside of his clothing shop in LA.

Was Hussle Murdered Because of His Documentary?

After his death, many people have been alleging that this documentary actually caused his murder.  Namely, the documentary followed the court trial in 1985 during which Dr. Sebi proved he had a cure for AIDS and it may have contained evidence that the government was involved in the death of Dr. Sebi.

Hussle, loved by many from the world of music and sports, writes on Twitter only a couple of hours before being shot “Having strong enemies is a blessing.”

Who Was Hussle?

Though a musician, Hussle was recently interested in technology and community development. He participated alongside artists and entrepreneurs who created Destination Crenshaw, an open-air museum honoring African-American artistic achievements.

Last year, he told the Times that in their culture, there is a narrative saying ‘follow the athletes, follow the entertainers. And, though this was cool, he believed that it should also say something like ‘follow Elon Musk, follow Zuckerberg.’

Hussle’s real name was Ermias Ashgedom and he had become a huge fan and advocate of Dr. Sebi’s work. This was a controversial figure who he believed was a threat to the multibillion dollar medical industry that relies on prolonging disease in order to make profit.

Dr. Sebi’s Death: One of the most Controversial Events

Did you know that the death of Dr. Sebi is controversial because a lot of people believe that he was killed because of his claims to have found a cure for AIDS and cancer?

Back in 2016, Dr. Sebi was arrested in Honduras for carrying around $37,000 in cash. He was released and awaited a court hearing. On June 3, he was arrested again by the Honduras’ version of FBI and charged with money laundering.

He remained in custody until August the 6th when he was taken to a local hospital because of a reported pneumonia complication. He died en route to the hospital at the age of 82.

Last year, in a radio show, Hussle talked about his documentary and explained that Dr. Sebi was trialed for putting an ad in a newspaper claiming that he had cured cancer.

At one of the court hearings, Dr. Sebi was asked to bring cured patients as evidence. He brought in 77 patients and hence, won the case. Unfortunately, this case was not honored or celebrated. One of his patients included Michael Jackson, the pate pop star.

Hussle thought that the story of Dr. Sebi deserves to be remembered because it sends out a powerful message.

Unfortunately, Hussle also had enemies in the financial world due to being an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrencies and was dedicated to sharing awareness about them.

The Hussle killer remains unknown.




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