Harvard Scientists Urges People To Stop Drinking Low Fat Milk Immediately

Without doubt, organic milk has a lot of health advantages to offer; however, according to a researcher and pediatrician from Harvard, conventional milk and dairy are detrimental for the health due to being full of unhealthy sweeteners.

This is particularly the case with the low fat products because they are full of added sweeteners in order to enhance the taste. Hence, he urges the public to stop consuming low fat milk and low fat dairy for good.

Why Low Fat Milk Is Bad for Us?

David Ludwig, a pediatric endocrinologist with a Ph.D in nutrition and specialist in childhood obesity, has published a couple of studies which indicate that a low sugar diet may be more beneficial than a low fat diet for overweight children.

Ludwig points out in his research that there is a lot of evidence pointing out the negative effects of sugar-rich drinks. And, excessive intake of added sugar has been linked to diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and more.

Knowing the side effects of sugar consumption, organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Department of Agriculture, and many more, advise against sugary drink consumption.

However, they still heavily promote the low fat milk and recommend up to 3 cups per day. But, Ludwig questions the scientific logic behind their claim. He believes that Americans are drinking billions of gallons of milk per year assuming that their bones would crumble if they do not.

He emphasizes that by encouraging the intake of low fat, we are actually encouraged to consume added sugar which is against the research claiming added sugar is no good for us. In low fat products, the fats are being replaced with detrimental sugars to compensate for the absence of fat and poor taste.

Is Full Fat Dairy Good for Us?

For decades, saturated fat was demonized. However, according to a 2010 analysis, there is no evidence to conclude that this type of fat elevates our risk of coronary heart illness or cardiovascular disease. What’s more, full fat is very good for us.

When in its purest and most organic form and acquired from grass-fed cows, it can better the health of the heart, manage diabetes, boost the absorption of vitamins, reduce the risk of bowel cancer, and encourage loss of weight.

However, this is not the case with conventional dairy which may contain antibiotics, painkillers, and other adverse substances!




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