These 5 Signs Show that there Is a Toxic Person in Your Life

No matter how hard we try, toxic people have a way of sneaking into our lives and causing a lot of problems. We end up keeping these people around us and choose to ignore the red flags.

But, being surrounded by toxic people is never good for us and you need to be able to recognize the symptoms and get away from these people as soon as possible. Make sure you are surrounded with happy and positive people who value you as much as you value them.

5 Ways Toxic People Behave

  • They never listen

Toxic people have a tendency to constantly interrupt others without being able to listen. Even when you directly speak to them, they will ignore what you are telling them. They will never wait for you to finish and will constantly interrupt you so that they can speak about themselves or something which interests them. They do not have empathy and compassion and are unable to see how they are harming others.

  • They are abusive

Toxic people are known to be verbal abusers who will try to control those around them in order to fulfill their goals. They may not be necessarily physically abusive, yet their emotional abuse can be as dangerous. They know how to play it subtle and will gradually drain you emotionally. In extreme situations, they can also become physically aggressive and abusive.

  • They are constantly judging

Is there a person in your life who is constantly judging you, your choices, and your looks, no matter how hard you try to be better? This “friend” could be the toxic person in your life. Of course, everyone is a bit judgmental from time to time; however, using judgment as a way of manipulation can never do good.

  • They are the victim all the time

Even when they do something wrong, toxic people will play the victim and try to blame others for their foul play. This could be an innocent event, for example, being late somewhere. They will never say what they did wrong, but will blame the flat tire or the traffic.

  • They are looking for attention

With toxic people, you cannot be attentive to someone else because they will try to bring the attention to them, despite the situation. If you are chatting with someone, they will try to put themselves into the conversation, despite not being involved in the topic. They will spin the situation so that the conversation turns towards them. Even though self-care can be a good thing, sometimes, being too obsessed with oneself may indicate emotional immaturity.




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