10 Signs that Your Friend Is not Really Your Friend

With certainty, friendships play a major role in our lives. And, women are known to have the tendency to rely on their friends for support throughout different periods of life. But, not every person who enters in our lives is our friend and not every friend is a good one.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of individuals that we cannot trust. Even those who act like they are good with us can turn out to be the most harmful people in our life.

This being said, it is important to be able to recognize such people and get away from them to protect yourself. Otherwise, they will continue deceiving you and may end up hurting you.

If you want to find out how a fake friend behaves, continue reading the articles. We have listed the 10 major indicating signs. Be careful!

10 Signs Your Friend Is a Fake One

  • Complaining and arguing with you all the time

If your friend is constantly picking fights with you and you do not seem to agree on a lot of things, you may need to consider your friendship and their trustworthiness. Whenever she is not arguing, she is probably complaining about something.

  • It is all about her

Whenever you are with her, she craves attention from the whole group. This is because they are self-centred and rely on validation and approval from others.

  • Makes excuses for not hanging out

When you invite her to an event with you and your friends, she is refusing. This may mean that she does not really enjoy your companion.

  • She is quite the drama queen

This person has the tendency to attract drama in hers, but your life too. Instead of easing her life, she is just adding stress and worries by adding drama to every little thing.

  • Talks negatively about other friends

When a person is talking bad about other people in front of you, she is probably talking behind your back when she is with others.

  • Never shares the intimate things

This person rarely talks about her genuine thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Her intimacy is not known to you. This is because she dislikes opening up about personal stuff.

  • Competes with you

A fake friend will constantly try to compete with you and other friends from your group. She cannot be happy for those that are successful or achieve something in their life. It is always her who should be on the top and the best in everything.

  • Lies and deceits

A person who likes making up lies and false stories about herself is doing this to get others’ attention and sympathy. Most of the things she says are dishonest and are with a goal to be the centre of attention.

  • Does not give support

This person will rarely help her friends reach goals or dreams they may have imagined. She is too jealous and self-absorbed to do such thing. If you have an unsupportive friend like this, you may need to rethink your friendship.

  • Puts others down

Can we really call a person a friend if he/she is constantly putting us down? –No. This person makes you feel like you are not good enough and that you have plenty of things to change and improve. And, when you seem that you are in your top game, she will still find something to criticize you about.

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