Company Reveals the First Prefab House Made from Cannabis

It appears that in the near future, we will have the chance to live in sustainable, economic, and safe housing made from hemp, a variety of cannabis. This prefabricated housing can be made in a shorter period of time than conventional homes and they are more affordable and durable, and, believe it or not, resistant to earthquakes.

This alternative home was constructed by a Dutch company called Dun Agro which specializes in hemp concrete also known as hempcrete. Hemp is a useful resource used in the production of different industrial building materials, clothing, bio-fuel, and food. Hemp is free of THC and thus, one cannot get “high” when using or ingesting the material.

Dun Agro’s Hempcrete

This hemp concrete is made with water, glue, and hemp fibers. Once it is pressed together into a mold, the mixture needs to dry for three months and then, it is used to assemble all of the house sections.

On the 30th of November this year, the company displayed the hemp home. They have already finished the second home and are planning on building more in the future.

With the current output of hemp in the Netherlands, the company estimates that they can make up to 500 hemp houses on a yearly basis. In case the demand becomes higher, the number can be scaled up.

Hemp Houses Are not New?

Dun Agro is not the pioneer in prefabricated hemp houses, even though they claim they are the first ones who have succeeded. One of the major advantages is the absence of CO2 footprint.




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