Giant Family Beds: Ideal for Co-Sleep Families

Finally, there is a bed on the market that can accommodate your whole family and enable a quality sleep. This bed will definitely become the favorite thing to co-sleeping families. Since co-sleeping with your kids in a usual size bed can be very difficult, this giant bed will feel so good.

You will have sufficient space to move around, you will fall asleep easy, and you will wake up energized and ready for the new day. You will no longer have to feel your kid’s foot in your groin or your partner’s hand over your face. Not bad, right?

The Enormous Family Bed that Makes Co-Sleeping Enjoyable

After you lie down on this bed, you will no longer go back to your old traditional Queen bed. Though it requires a bit more free space, it is definitely worth the trouble. Designed by Taylor & Wells, this bed is an 84” x 144” x 14” mattress which is the equivalent to two California King Mattresses. Whoa!

The company describes the bed as one made from luxurious materials which create the ideal sleeping experience. Also, it includes cooling gels and supportive memory foams for optimal comfort for every sleeper. The bed costs $2,300 without the factoring in bed frames or upgrades for base adjustment and it can be found online.

This company is not the only one which produces 4XL mattresses. Namely, Ace Collection also offer beds in 9 or 12 feet so that you  have enough room for three or four kids, two dogs, and some cats!

You may even have room left for a couple of neighbors for a fun TV night. What’s great about these giant beds is that both companies offer own custom sheet sets large enough for these beds. They cost around $250, but, really, who can put a price on comfortable sleep?!




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