Would You Sleep in this Floating Capsule & Wake Up on a Private Island in the Morning?

Do you think that waterbeds are the coolest invention ever? Well, after you hear about this capsule hotel room, you will definitely have a new favorite invention.

A Japanese amusement park built a spherical capsule hotel room which floats in the sea and takes passengers on a private island.

Could this get any better? Believe us, you are not dreaming- if you go to Japan, you can actually try out this amazing experience.

Continue reading the article to learn more about this beautiful invention…

Floating in a Capsule & Heading to a Private Island Is a Real Thing?

A Dutch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture known as Huis Ten Bosch developed this floating hotels which sail from Omura Bay to a 10-acre island with plenty of adventurous attractions.

This modern and futuristic hotel has a bathroom and is around 118 to 124 feet in size. The centre of the hotel has an opening so that guests can go for a dip. The hotel will be available in warmer months only.

Check out the video below to witness these pods in action:

What about the Price?

Taking into account its futuristic and unique, many would assume that this floating hotel and going to a private island is quite expensive. However, you would be surprised to hear that the price is not over the top- it actually costs between $260 and $350.

And, the cost can be divided among two, three or four people that can be accommodated in this hotel.

The Japanese park is a small Netherlands and replicates Dutch-style buildings, including shops, restaurants, theatres, hotels, as well as lush gardens and windmills. There is also a tulip festival and a water canal parade with boats. Being an amusement park, you can try out mazes, skating rinks, carousels, etc.

Huis Ten Bosch’s Futuristic Endeavours

This company is not new in the development of alternative hotels. Namely, back in 2015, they opened up the first robot hotel where guests were greeted by a dinosaur robot at the reception.

The Strange Hotel (Henn-na Hotel) is more than a gimmick- the robots perform around 90 percent of the hotel’s functions.




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