11-Year Old Girl from Iran Scores 162 in Mensa IQ Test & Beats Einstein & Hawking

Tara Sharifi, a student in Aylesbury High School left everyone speechless after receiving her MENSA test scores. She took the test in Oxford and she did so good that she can now be a part of the geniuses’ society! How cool?

Believe it or not, she got a score of 162-2 which is above that of Einstein who is considered to be the father of modern physics.

The test is complex and requires from the person to answer different questions in a specific amount of time. The girl could not believe her high score and being able to apply for MENSA membership and to be a part of the High IQ Society.

11-Year Old Girl Smarter than Einstein?

Tara comes from the Borazjan country in the Southern Iranian Bushehr Province and her father stated that he has never been prouder of her and pleasantly surprised of her score. He points out that he knew she was intelligent, but that he never imagined that his daughter has such a high IQ.

The girl explains that she would like to work something that will have to do with mathematics when she is old enough. She explains that taking the MENSA test was a decision she made together with her parents.

She had the amazing opportunity to meet up with other people from the MENSA society. When she told her friends about her success, they were all impressed.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this girl!





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