6 Body Parts That We Should Wash Thoroughly (Most People Don’t)

When it comes to hygiene, most of us have a bath or shower daily, brush our teeth, wash our clothes, and our ears. However, there are some body parts that most of us fail to clean and as a result, bacteria and other toxins pile up and can cause complications.

Some people may clean these areas; however, they do not do it in the right way. Wondering which are these spots? No worries- check them out in the list below!

6 Body Parts We Need to Clean Better

  • The back

Of course, we wet our back when we shower or take a bath; however, do we really clean it as thoroughly as we clean the more reachable body parts? Knowing how much of our back is rested against chairs or beds, it is normal to collect a lot of sweat and therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The best way to have a clean back is to use a back scrubber or another similar device that will help you reach behind. You can also ask a family member or a partner to wash your back with a sponge or a loofah.

  • Under the fingernails

When it comes to washing the hands, most of us try to do it as often as possible. However, we rarely pay the needed attention to cleaning underneath the fingernails. This is crucial because there can be a lot of dirt and bacteria trapped there. This being said, when washing the hands, remember to wash the areas between the fingers and underneath the nails too. Scrub well and then rinse off with warm water.

  • The belly button

When the belly button is pulled inwards, it can collect a lot of dirt and bacteria. If we fail to clean it while showering, it can start to develop a foul smell and cause infections. You can use rubbing alcohol and soap for a thorough cleanse. Use a cotton swab if necessary. For those with an outward belly button, use a sponge or a washcloth.

  • The buttocks

Sometimes, the buttock requires more than washing it during a shower, especially if you have acne or pimples there. To have a clean bottom, make sure you use benzoyl peroxide to cleanse the follicles and antibacterial soap. Avoid the thicker types of lotions that may clog the follicles more. When going to the bathroom, it is more hygienic to wash rather than use toilet paper. Also, make sure you exfoliate the buttock skin from time to time.

  • Behind the ears

Though you may clean the insides of your ears, what about the area behind them? This area is the ideal breeding area for different bacteria and when not cleaned, it can start to release a foul smell. Therefore, when showering, make sure you thoroughly cleanse this part and then rinse and dry them properly.

  • The feet and toes

If you do not clean the areas between the toes, they can accumulate bacteria and dirt. So, rinse this area with every shower and then dry them properly, apply some talcum powder after showers for extra care. When it comes to the whole feet, they can be in socks and shoes for several hours so it is important to wash them daily to remove the bad odor and bacteria.