Official Costco Statement: They Will no Longer Sell Monsanto’s Roundup

With different information circling on the internet about the ceasing of Roundup sale in Costco markets, a spokesperson of Monsanto announced on the 29th of May that the company will not be selling this product there this season.

The Costco Wholesale Corporation also stated that they are constantly reviewing the products sold in their markets and that they will not be selling this pesticide during this season.

This timing was no surprise since Monsanto, owned by Bayer AG, has lost three different court cases in which their Roundup was accused of causing cancer.

The third trial finished in more than $2 billion award for the plaintiffs, that is, Alberta and Alva Pilliod. This couple in their seventies who have been married for more than 50 years both have cancer.

Alva has a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that has spread in his spine and bones whereas Alberta was diagnosed with brain cancer linked with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Will Roundup Finally Stop Causing Damage?

The decision to remove Roundup from this season’s sales appears to be unique to Costco. Namely, other big stores like Target, Kroger, Walmart, and Home Depot continue selling this harmful pesticide despite the numerous lawsuits and the WHO warnings that glyphosate, the active ingredient in this pesticide, is a potential carcinogen.

Until now, retailers who sold this pesticide to people have not been named in the lawsuit against Monsanto and neither has the EPA regulated the product for commercial, consumer or agricultural use.

The EPA prohibited this chemical more than 30 years ago; however, they mysteriously changed their decision, despite the increase in scientific data and legal losses.

What Does Bayer Have to Say?

The company that manufactures this pesticide continues claiming that 4 decades of science have proven the safety of this pesticide.

However, there have been claims and evidence that some parts of their science may have been forged.

Some unsealed documents that were released in another court case point out that Monsanto may have paid to get the study results they needed to keep selling their toxic product.

Independent Studies Show Roundup’s Harmful Effects

Unfortunately, it remains unclear why the EPA still allows the sale of this pesticide despite the glyphosate link in studies with Alzheimer’s, genetic damage, autism, birth defects, heart illness, IBS, liver disease, and Parkinson’s.

Moreover, a PIRG Education Fund research found that as little as one part per trillion of glyphosate can trigger breast cancer and mess with the sensitive hormonal system of the human body.

In the Global Glyphosate Study, the so-called safe amounts by the EPA are not safe at all. In fact, they are connected with DNA damage and microbiome imbalance. Though the microbiome understanding is still little, an imbalance could be a risk factor for different diseases.

Taking all of this data into account, Costco’s decision could be moving in the right direction and it may motivate other big stores to follow suit.

Unfortunately, this product has been present on the market for decades and sold to individuals who are now suffering from cancer and trying their best to show the connection between their diseases and glyphosate.





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