Stop Smoking & these 8 Amazing Things Will Happen to Your Body

Knowing the dangers associated with smoking, a lot of smokers consider quitting this horrible habit. However, the nicotine withdrawal and the cravings often cause them to give up the idea.

Plus, they wonder if stopping with the smoking, after it has done a lot of damage, can make a difference. Believe it or not, it can. Our body is able to self-heal and this happens faster than you may think.

In fact, the recuperation begins in less than 30 minutes after you have put out your last cigarette. This being said, it is worth it to go through with the quitting. Your body will be so grateful and your health will significantly improve.

8 Improvements in Your Body when You Stop Smoking

  • The oxygen levels regulate

When one smokes a cigarette, they inhale carbon monoxide that overtakes the oxygen levels in the body. According to estimates, people who smoke a pack per day have 3 to 6 percent of carbon monoxide in the blood whereas the normal level is considered to be less than 1 percent.

Unfortunately, with higher levels of carbon monoxide, the body needs to work much harder to deliver oxygen to the needed organs and systems. The oxygen levels will be balanced within 8 hours of ceasing smoking because the carbon monoxide levels will drop.

  • The blood flow betters

Believe it or not, your blood flow will better within 20 minutes of stopping this habit. When the blood flow is improved, one’s risk of strokes, cancer, and heart attacks decreases.

  • The energy levels rise

In two weeks of cigarette-free life, your energy levels will become higher than previously. When there is no nicotine or other dangerous chemicals throughout the body, the body will be detoxified and the bodily processes will work better, including the production of energy.

  • The breathing will better

Without the carbon monoxide to pull out the oxygen, your breathing will significantly better and become deeper. It is shown that a three-month cigarette-free life boosts the lung capacity by 39 percent.

  • Better cardiovascular health

After 5 to 10 years of smoking-free life, your chance for heart attack, stroke, and heart disease will be the same with that of non-smokers. Even though the heart will need more time to heal, the sooner you stop smoking, the faster will your body start the healing.

  • Lower cancer risk

After 5 years of no smoking, the chance for mouth, throat, stomach, and lung cancer will decrease by 50 percent.

  • Improved hair growth

For a lot of smokers, hair quality and hair growth are an issue. And, the journal Dermatology has published a study which has found that smoking can contribute to hair loss. But, if you quit, the cells will have the opportunity to heal, grow, and improve.

  • Reduction in brain fog

When there are too much chemicals in the body, the brain can start to lose oxygen and cause brain fog. If you stop smoking and filling your body with those unwanted chemicals, your brain will feel much sharper and your focus and concentration will improve. Your mental state will be balanced.