10 Useful Tips to Help Avert Blood Clots & Preserve Your Health

When a clot forms the legs, it is known as deep vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, if this clot dislocates and goes to the lungs, it can trigger a life-threatening situation which is called pulmonary embolism.

One is at a higher risk of developing this condition if they have been admitted to the hospital, if they are confined to the bed or if they are undergoing surgery. Other known risk factors are age over 60, family history of blood clots, usage of birth control pills or hormone therapy, smoking, alcohol, obesity, pregnancy, and recent labor.

This is why doctors recommend getting a venous thromboembolism risk assessment in case of being in the hospital. Today’s article will present 10 useful tips on how to help lower your risk of dangerous blood clotting.

10 Tips to Avert Blood Clots

  1. Practice HIIT

Regular physical activity and frequent moving is pivotal for the prevention of blood clot formation. One particular physical activity and type of exercise that can help is HIIT training or high-intensity interval training. With this training, you keep a good blood flow going and also become fitter.

  • Flex the toes and ankles

Nowadays, a lot of people spend several hours sitting, whether at work or at home watching TV. This is why it is important to remember to twist the ankles and toes from time to time in order to boost the blood flow.

  • Lift the legs up the wall

Spare 5 minutes of your day to lie on your back and lift the legs against the wall or 6 inches above the heart and head. This will help the blood circulation to move rather than clogging in the feet.

  • Avoid leg crossing

Nowadays, both men and women tend to cross their legs when they are sitting; however, if you stay in this pose for a while, you risk blood clots. This is why you need to change the poses often and avoid applying excessive pressure on the legs.

  • Massage the legs with helichrysum oil

Helichrysum is a yellow flower which has a natural ability to thin the blood. Plus, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are great for prevention of blood clots. Purchase a quality helichrysum essential oil and massage the legs with few drops on the daily or so.

  • Wear compression stockings

People with a tendency of swelling and poor blood flow are often advised to wear compression stockings. They can be found in numerous colors and sizes and are praised for the ability to improve the blood flow throughout the day.

  • Consume natural blood thinners

In addition to prescribed blood thinners, there are also natural ways to boost your blood flow. Opt for raw garlic, turmeric, and gingko tea to minimize the risk of blood clotting.

  • Move and stretch when driving

If you are a driver and heading for a longer drive, remember to take regular pauses and get out of the car. Walk a bit around to relax the legs and prevent blood clotting.

  • Take an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt baths are a great way to boost the blood flow. Whenever you have the time, soak in a warm bathwater mixed with Epsom salt.

  1. Don’t wear too tight clothes

To better the blood circulation, avoid wearing too tight clothes such as too skinny jeans. Opt for lighter trousers and sweatpants and other comfier clothes.