Doctor Advises: Parents Need to Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste to their Children

According to Doctor David Kennedy, parents should stop giving fluoride toothpaste to their kids because there’s no ‘safe amount’ as claimed.

He points out that even when spitted out, it will still go into our blood. Fluoride in our blood and that of our children can cause numerous health problems.

Fluoride Isn’t Safe

Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances in the world; however, it’s regularly added to numerous toothpaste brands worldwide.

According to the American Dental Association, fluoride in small amounts is alright in toothpastes because it’s important for preventive care.

Moreover, fluoride isn’t just present in toothpaste, but in other products like infant formula, bottled water, and vitamin supplements too.

Back in 2002, almost 90 percent of the US population was supplied with water through public water systems and approximately 67 percent of them received water with fluoride.

This happened despite the fact that “No statistically significant differences were found in the decay rates of permanent teeth or the percentages of decay-free children in the fluoridated, non-fluoridated, and partially fluoridated areas.”

According to Material Safety Data Sheets, sodium fluoride is labeled as ‘toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact’ and PPE for its handling should include gloves and safety glasses.

What’s more, fluorides are more dangerous than lead and slightly less poisonous than arsenic.

Sadly, these toxins are able to go into our body from regular tooth brushing or rinsing with a dental care product.

Tap Water & Fluoride

Today, a lot of fluoride is added to water in a process known as fluoridation and also added to different toothpastes because of the claim for tooth decay prevention. But, fluoride has never been scientifically found to help in the prevention of tooth decay!

On a yearly basis, the Poison Control centers get thousands of calls from people who report poisoning due to high consumption of products with fluoride, like toothpaste, vitamins, etc.

This poisoning can damage the body and be fatal.





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