5 Science Discoveries Everybody Needs To Know To Lead A Healthier Life

To help you live a long and healthy life, we warmly advise you to keep in track with latest scientific research. Studies and research helps us learn more about medicine and what is good and what is not.

But, these discoveries need to be followed regularly because as technology advances and time goes by, things can change. In today’s article, we will share 5 scientific findings that may help you protect your health and well-being.

5 Science Discoveries for a Healthier Life

  • Working at a nail salon is as dangerous as working in an oil refinery

According to a study done by University of Colorado scientists, it was concluded that nails salons had high levels of toxic chemicals that elevates the risk for different types of cancer, including leukemia. However, clients shouldn’t worry, unless they have problems with allergy or asthma.

  • Sunscreen is dangerous

According to a clinical trial by FDA experts done with 24 female and male volunteers, sun protection products caused a major increase in the active ingredients in their blood. In some situations, it was 400 times higher than the safe levels. However, scientists advise not giving up on sun protection products entirely because they lower the risk of skin cancer.

  • Sitting with a straight back is not always good

For a long period of time, we’ve been hearing that we need to keep our back straight when we are sitting. But, newest studies indicate that this is not entirely correct. In fact, a slightly bent back is more beneficial for those with lower back ache. Moreover, the studies also discovered that slight slouching alleviates back and leg pressure while sitting.

  • Air humidifiers protect us from the flu

Yale University scientists discovered that the humidity of the air impacts our body’s response to the flu. In a study with lab mice, it was found that lower humidity had higher risk of viruses. So, scientists advise people to use air humidifiers at home and at work to lower their risk of the flu.

  • Vaping is bad for the heart

According to a study done by doctors from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the vapors released from vaping devices are harming the heart cells. They contribute to inflammation and may even cause the death of heart cells. Among the tested 6 different flavors, the most dangerous was the cinnamon-flavored liquid.





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