The 12 Worst Cancerous Ingredients in Products We Use Daily

As a response to the years of research associating environment toxins and cancer, the EWG has released the Cancer Prevention Dirty Dozen featuring 12 cancerous ingredients present in everyday products like cosmetics, furniture, and packaging.

According to the report, since we live in a world full of chemicals, it’s high time we started reducing our exposure to the ones we know are causing damage. Below, you can check out the 12 major cancerous elements and what they’re doing to your body.

Make sure you avoid them or replace them with safer options.

12 Worst Cancerous Ingredients in Everyday Products

  • Bisphenol A

This chemical is used in plastic lining in food and beverage containers and has been connected with several types of cancers. Even though several big companies are removing it from their packaging, it’s still present in plastics marked ‘PC’ and ‘recycling #7’. To avoid it, whenever possible, choose fresh foods rather than canned options.

  • Atrazine

This herbicide is widely used in the US and, according to a NRDC study, it’s present in more than 80 percent of our drinking water. Therefore, it’s best to put filters to tap water to prevent this carcinogen and endocrine disruptor from entering your body.

  • Organophosphates

These pesticides are used by food corporations like Monsanto to destroy the pests’ nervous systems; however, they can cause harm to humans too. Therefore, whenever possible, opt for organic produce that is free of residues from this pesticide.

  • DPB

This phthalate has been linked with infertility and cancer and therefore banned from use in personal care products like perfumes and nail polishes. But, it’s still found in some plastics like raincoats and shower curtains- therefore, do your best to opt for natural options for soft plastics.

  • Lead

Lead is harmful for almost every bodily system; therefore, be cautious when removing old paint from walls as it can contain traces of lead.

  • Mercury

Exposure to mercury is very dangerous during pregnancy, even though everyone should decrease their exposure. Therefore, make sure you monitor your consumption of fish like swordfish and tuna because they’re the ones with the highest levels of mercury in their systems.

  • PFCs

These chemicals are used in stain-repellent coatings and grease. This being said, avoid pre-treated carpets and furniture that was treated with repellents.

  • Phthalates

These chemicals are usually present in perfumes to help them last longer; however, they’re definitely not something you want on your body. Namely, they mess up the hormone levels and disrupt the brain function. It’s best to stay away from products with the word ‘fragrance’ on the list of ingredients. This is used as a code for phthalates that don’t have to be labeled.

  • DEHP

These chemicals are the most common class of phthalates. Make sure you avoid them.

  • PBDEs

This fire retardant was once present in pillows, mattresses, and upholstered furniture, but was removed from markets due to high levels of toxicity. This being said, do your best to remove vintage pieces of furniture made prior to 2005.

  • Triclosan

This chemical has been found to cause cancer and heart disease; unfortunately, it still remains as an ingredient in antibacterial products. Opt for safer alternatives like DIY options and essential oils.

  • Nonylphenols

From laundry to dish detergents and paints and personal care products, these chemicals are literally all around us.





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