Tired Boy And His Cow Fall Asleep Together At Iowa State Fair And Win the Internet

Mitchell Miner, a 15-year-old boy and his cow named Audri participated in the Iowa State Fair dairy cattle show; however, despite hard work and a lot of effort, they finished fifth out of seven places.

Feeling tired from the long day, the boy and the cow fell asleep, hugging. When Mitchell’s father came in and saw the boy and the cow sleeping, he immediately took a photo.

Soon enough, he shared it on social media and he wrote ‘Our son Mitchell and his heifer after showing yesterday.’ The photo went viral very fast and got 15,000 likes the following day and was shared numerous times.

According to the boy’s mother, Laura Miner, when you spend a lot of time with animals, in this case cows, they get really comfy.

Tired Boy & His Cow Fall Asleep on a Farm & Win over the Internet

Both she and her spouse grew up on a farm; however, they live elsewhere now. But, they still want their children to have a connection to their roots. So, the family borrows animals for the summer period in order to familiarize their children with farm life and farm animals.

Mitchell’s dad explains that they have learned a lot from farms and have values instilled in them which they are trying to maintain. Audri, the napping cow, will be heading back to her dairy farm once the showings end in September.

Before the show, the teen led, clipped, walked, and bathed Audri. What’s more, on the showing day on Sunday, he got up at 3 am in order to get her ready. What a beautiful friendship, beautiful story, and a beautiful photo that speaks a thousand words, right?





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