32-Year-Old Vegan Revealed Why She Is Still A Virgin, Despite Having A Long-Term Boyfriend

FullyRawKristina on Instagram or Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in real life is a 32-year-old virgin who has revealed to remain virgin until she finds the right one.

In March this year, she celebrated one and a half year anniversary with her boyfriend Cash and for this occasion, she published a video to her YouTube channel where she explains why she’s still virgin, despite being a ‘highly-sexual individual’.

Highly-Sexual, but still a Virgin

This popular Instagram influencer with one million followers on the platform decided to share the video as she felt ready to tell her story. She made the video two years ago at the age of 30.

She captioned the video ‘This is me sharing my story, my journey, and why I’ve been a virgin up until this point. Please know that I love you and I’m compassionate and respectful to your journey as well’.

Kristina grew up in an Orthodox Christian family and claims she ‘always did the right thing’. Until now, she’s still upholding her beliefs and appreciates them dearly.

She claims that she’s saving herself for marriage for her boyfriend, a beautiful human who she loves very much. She adds that for her, there’s no greater gift for her husband than that one thing which no one else could get from her.

Not too many Relationships

Kristina began her first business when she was 18 and claims she rarely had time for relationships.

The influencer emphasized that a lot of women end up with men who pressure them to have sex. She believes that no one dedicates time to get to know each other, make commitments, and nourish love.

She notes that this is sacred and you’re not just having sex, but exchanging energies.

She wants to feel a deep connection and love and that sex is much more than a sexual act for her. For Kristina, this is her purity and a part of her soul that she will gift to the right one.

A lot of Support from Her Followers

Her YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers and her video had more than 463,000 views. A lot of fans commented about their own reasons why they’re still virgins and thanked Kristina for being so honest and for sharing her story.

One subscriber wrote ‘I was a virgin until 38 when I god married. You’re not alone and this isn’t uncommon. Thank u for sharing u’r story’

If you want to check out the emotional video, click on this link.





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