Amazing Humans: Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $5 Million for Amazon Forest Preservation

The popular and recognized actor and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio announced that his Earth Alliance, an environmental charity, will donate 5 million dollars to preserve the Amazon forest.

His organization is working with local partners and indigenous communities with the goal to keep the ecosystem in Amazon forest safe. A statement notes that the money will directly be given to 5 local organizations.

The Devastating Fires in the Amazon

The website of the fund points out that this decision is a response to the massive fires which have been happening throughout the Amazon these past weeks. According to the INPE, more than 72,000 fires have happened this year, which is a major increase from a number of 40,000 fires from previous years.

Most experts agree that Amazon fires are a consequence of the constant increase of cattle operation and agribusiness. These fires are being intentionally set in order to make space for development; however, the deforestation increased the forest’s vulnerability to fires.

The Efforts of Earth Alliance & DiCaprio

This charity has been recently formed by DiCaprio, Brian Sheth, and Laurene P. Jobs. The aim of the organization is to help in nature preservation, to support renewable energy sources, and protect indigenous rights.

The actor has been an environmental activist for many years. At the age of 24, he opened up the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation back in 98, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental awareness.

Throughout decades, the foundation has been a part of different projects in more than 40 countries and has also made two web documentaries. 

They’ve also given money for debt-for-nature swaps, that is, financial transactions during which a part of a foreign debt of a developing nation is forgiven in exchange for local investments in conservation.

His dedication to keep the environment safe has brought the actor a lot of awards, including the Martin Litton Environment in 2001 and the Environmental Leadership in 2003.

DiCaprio is also on the board of the WWF, Global Green USA, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

He also participates in a lot of charities and is always willing to donate money when natural crisis or a disaster happens. Back in 2010, he gave a million dollars for relief to Haiti after the earthquake.