Dog Has The Cutest Reaction To Mom Bringing Home Newborn Baby

When it’s time to bring a newborn in a home that has pets, especially dogs, it may be a bit challenging and anxious for the owners. However, after you see this dog’s cutest reaction to the new family member, you’ll think otherwise.

But, this mom had no problem with her dog from the Shiba Inu breed that is known for its loving and caring nature. Some dogs are considered to be the best around children and they fall into this category.

They’re loyal and dedicated and their instinct is to protect the young ones, of course, only when they’re properly trained and socialized.

The Cutest Encounter Ever

When she brought her newborn from the hospital, the mom knew she needed to have the camera ready to memorize this moment.

The video she took was one of the sweetest videos ever with the Shiba Inu sitting next to her new sibling and rocking the baby in its crib.

After she shared it on social media, the video immediately went viral and everyone was melted and genuinely moved by how lovingly the dog is looking at the baby. They will definitely be best pals who will play and explore the world together.

Without doubt, this video is a definite proof that babies and trained dogs can become best friends and wonderful companions.

If you want to see the cutest reaction and connection between the dog and baby, check out the video below:




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