Travelling Circuses To Be Banned From Using Wild Animals In England

As of next year, travelling circuses in the UK will be prohibited to use wild animals in their shows.

According to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, the passing of this new bill will avert animals like camels, zebras, and reindeers to be included in the shows.

According to last year reports, there were 19 animals in British travelling circuses, including a raccoon, zebras, and three camels.

Protecting Wild Animals

The Wild Animals in Circuses Bill makes it illegal for circuses in England to use wild animals. This is a major step in increasing our understanding and awareness about wild animals.

For Mr. Gove, travelling circuses aren’t the right place for wild animals and he’s satisfied that this legislation will put an end to this practice. This announcement happens after several other measures taken to strengthen England’s position as world leaders in animal protection.

Some of these measures include ban on ivory sales and the delivery of the Finn’s Law to ensure service animals are protected.

The announcement is a follow-up of a commitment made in 2018 to put a ban by the time the interim licensing regulations come to an end in January 2020.

Animal Rights’ Organization Offer Full Support

For a lot of animal welfare charities, this is excellent news and Chris Draper, head of Animal Welfare & Captivity at the Born Free Foundation emphasizes that after years of waiting for this problem to be solved, Born Free is now amazed that this Bill will be put forward.

He adds that the usage of wild animals in these circuses is unpopular and outdated and that this legislation will put England on the list together with other countries that are also ceasing this practice.

The foundation and its supporters have campaigned for a long period of time for this to happen and they’re looking forward to a quick progress of the Bill through the Parliament.

The head of Public Affairs at the RSPCA, David Bowles, notes that they’re also welcoming this new bill and explains that they’ve campaigned against the use of wild animals in circuses for a lot of years.

He notes that wild animals have major needs that a circus environment can’t provide.

He asserts that it’s pivotal that wild animals in circuses become only part of the history books and that this practice will finally be banned for good.

The Animal Defenders International has documented the abuse and suffering in circuses in UK for more than two decades and this measure will help put an end to their suffering.

Also, it will take them one step towards to the UK-wide ban which the public wants and the animals need!





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