Giraffe Gave Dying Zoo Keeper Final Kiss Goodbye

Without doubt, this is one of the most emotional moments we’ve encountered in the last period.

A giraffe from the ZOO says farewell to Mario, a dying zookeeper who worked in the Dutch ZOO for years.

The 54-year-old maintenance worker has terminal cancer and he asked the hospital staff to be brought to the giraffe enclosure.

In a heartbreaking moment, one of the giraffes approached the dying man and gave him a kiss as if it knew this was goodbye.

One of the most Special Bonds

Kees Veldboer, founder of the Ambulance Wish Foundation that organized Mario’s transport to the ZOO said that the animals recognized Mario and could sense that things weren’t good.

Veldboer also said that this was such a special moment and noted that Mario was beaming.

Mario, the dying zookeeeper who was also mentally disabled, also asked for a moment to say goodbye to the colleagues from the ZOO where he was working.

The foundation is happy that they could fulfil this man’s last wish.

The photo of this last encounter immediately went viral on Reddit and the Facebook page of the foundation where more than 800 users shared the photo.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation

This Dutch charity works with volunteers who specialize in transporting non-mobile and terminally-ill people with the goal to fulfil their last wishes. The foundation was created in 2007 and Veldboer is also the founder and the driver of the ambulances.

The vehicles are specially designed with long windows so that the patients to be able to see their surroundings. Last year, they took a terminally-ill 86-year-old man to his farm in Oss, Holland to say goodbye to his ponies.

This was also a very emotional moment, recalls the crew.

What are your thoughts about this organization’s work? Do you feel that there should be such organizations in your country too? Share your thoughts with us!





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