Newborn “Greets” His Dad with a Beaming Smile when She Hears His Voice

This baby’s beaming smile will warm your heart, believe us.

Flavio Dantas from Rio de Janeiro was looking forward to becoming a father. He couldn’t wait for his daughter to come into this world that he spoke to her every day in the belly.

However, he never thought his efforts would pay off on the day she was brought into this world. 

Tarsila Batista, the mother of the baby and Flavio’s partner said how he always said he loved her so much. He stroked her belly and told their daughter he’ll always be there.

The most Beautiful Moment for Proud Parents

The bond between the dad and the baby was so strong that on the day of Antonella’s birth, she had the most beautiful response to hearing her daddy’s voice for the first time. However, everyone was surprised in the delivery room when they saw what the baby did!

When the staff handed the baby to her parents, Flavio leaned in and said hello to his baby girl and repeated the same words he told her while she was still in the belly. But, this time, the baby responded with the most beautiful smile.

The nurses placed the baby on the mother’s chest and as soon as her father spoke to her, she opened up her eyes and smiled.

Flavio was overwhelmed and described the love for his daughter ‘too big to fit inside his chest’. For Tarsila, their new arrival is a gift sent by their Lord.

The baby’s broad and beaming smile says it all. Luckily, this amazing moment was caught on camera and the couple shared it on their Instagram. The sweet photo was titled ‘When I first saw my family’.

The mom also shared this photo on her Facebook and wrote that it’s the moment they forgot all the pain and focused on the sincerest smile of all.

Babies in the Belly Can React to Outside Noises

According to experts, babies can process sounds 16 weeks after conception. By week 26, they can react to outside noises and even be soothed by the sound of the parents’ voices.

Flavio also notes that he thought he knew what true love felt like until he looked at the most sincere smile in the world. This is when he learned what true love is.

Another Gift for Her Parents

As if her amazing smile wasn’t sufficient, the baby Antonella had another surprise for her father the day she was born.  She was born on the 11th of August when it’s Father’s Day in Brazil.

This is definitely the day that Flavio will remember for the rest of his life.




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