Parents, Watch Out: Teens Are Now Gluing their Lips to Make them Appear Fuller?!

Parents of teens, if you think you’ve seen it all, believe us, after you hear about this new trend, you will be shocked! Did you know that teens are now gluing their upper lips to make them look bigger and fuller?

This trend started on the app TikTok when the user @chloehammock4 posted a video of herself applying glue above her cupid’s bow and then sticking her upper lip so that she gets a fuller lip effect.

Gluing Their Lips, Really?

After she glued her lips, the girl applied a lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics. The video was viewed 4.5 million times and was liked 400,000 times and got more than 3,000 comments. A Twitter repost of the video was liked 115,000 times!

A lot of other users on TikTok have followed the girl’s challenge and posted their own lip gluing versions on their accounts.

The girl used glue for eyelashes, which according to some, is safe for usage on human skin. But, even though it may bring beautiful results, this is a short-term effect.

If you want more permanent results that don’t involve any glue, check out useful YouTube

DIY Lip Fullers Aren’t New?

If you thought this is the first time people on the internet have been filling their lips to make them bigger, you’re not entirely correct.

In fact, back in 2015, because of the viral Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, teens were sucking jars onto their lips with the goal to create a vacuum-like effect and get bigger lips by swelling them up.

If you also have teens at home, make sure you explain them the negative effects of trying out such trends.