Stray Dog Kicked by Man Comes Back with ‘His Gang’ for Revenge & Vandalize His Car

As Justin Timberlake says in one of his most popular songs: ‘what goes around comes all the way back around’ everything we do has its consequences. And, this is exactly what happened to a man that mistreated a stray dog.

Karma definitely took things in its hand! Indeed, when taken good care of, dogs can be kind, gentle, and full of love; however, there are people who treat them poorly, even abuse them!

A man from China behaved badly towards a stray dog-but, the same dog and a couple of other dogs came back for revenge!

Why Did the Man Kick the Animal?

According to the information available on this situation, a man in China began kicking a stray dog after he saw it lying in his reserved parking spot in Chongqing.

Rather than trying to normally get the dog out of the parking spot and park his car, he decided it’s best to kick it away.

The dog went away and then the man parked his car and left. But, another man who was parking the car in a lot nearby, saw the most shocking situation- the same stray dog came back with a couple of his furry dog pals and started chewing on the man’s car.

They chew away the windshield wipers and were even on the lookout in case anyone was coming their way. The neighbor caught everything on his camera.

Dog Comes Back for Revenge

Let’s face it- this man got what he deserved-why did he need to kick the dog? Couldn’t he try and calmly tell it to move away? Why did he need to kick it and abuse it?

Without doubt, no person should get away with intentionally harming someone, including innocent animals. Will this man learn his lesson?