Why You Shouldn’t Kill the Spiders in Your House, Explains An Entomologist

Without doubt, one doesn’t need to be an arachnophobe to dislike and fear spiders, especially when you catch them lurking from your shoes or from corners in your room, right?! And, the most common reaction we have is to kill them or to use the vacuum and remove them.

But, according to an entomologist, you may need to brace yourself and leave the spider the next time you see it. This is because they’re crucial for our indoor ecosystems. Really?!

Don’t Kill Your Spiders

Believe it or not, spiders play a crucial role in nature and the indoor eco system. Some spiders are accidentally trapped in your home whereas others are only visiting. Some of them even enjoy the indoors and breed there.

These spiders aren’t aggressive and dangerous. Plus, they’re doing you some good- they’re feeding with pests and some even with other spiders. Who doesn’t like a home free of annoying pests?

According to a survey of 50 homes from North Carolina, every house had spiders and the most common species the scientists encountered were cellar and cobweb spiders. Both species build webs and they lie in and wait for prey. Cellar spiders may leave their webs to look for other spiders to eat.

In addition to eating pests and even insects like mosquitoes, one species of the jumping spider like to eat blood-filled mosquitoes and are common in Africa. This being said, you may need to rethink killing that spider because it’s actually helping you clean your home.

Fearing Spiders Is Natural

Without doubt, fearing spiders is completely normal because they have a lot of legs and some are even venomous although their venom is weak to cause problems in people. Plus, bites from spiders are quite rare.

Despite several medically-important species like recluses and widow spiders, even their bites are rare and don’t necessarily cause serious problems.





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