10 Amazing Reasons Why People with Older Sisters Are Blessed in Life

Sisters are bound by family and remain best friends for life.

If you have a sister who’s also your best friend, you’re definitely the luckiest person on earth. The friendship between sisters is a magical connection and the way you’ve been intertwined in life is one-of-a-kind.

Unfortunately, not all sisters are close and a lot of them become distant or have never developed a close relationship.

But, those who have a good relationship with their bigger sisters claim that this is one of the best feelings in the world.

Even though you may drive her crazy at times, she’s the key to your balance, family bonds, and happiness.

If you’re still unsure if your older sister is a blessing in your life, check out the list below to learn how she’s been making your life better!

10 Beautiful Ways in which Bigger Sisters Make Our Lives Better

  1. She’s your ally through and through

You bigger sister will always have your back- she will protect you whether you’re arguing with your mother or with another sibling. The friends in your life will come and go, but your big sister is always by your side, no matter what’s going on.

  • She’s full of forgiveness

Regardless of how much you’ve hurt her, your older sister will always make a place in her heart for you. She’ll be there for you throughout all stages in your life and offer her help and guidance.

  • She knows you the best

Big sisters sometimes know their little sisters better than they know themselves. She knows what you like to eat and what you don’t like, she knows what you dislike and what you like in boys, and she knows what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

  • You can be yourself around her

Indeed, big sisters are one of the rare people in our lives who will love us for who we really are.

There are no masks in front of her and she won’t blame or judge you, but always support you. Although she may criticize you, she’s doing this to help you become a better person.

  • She’s a second mother

The blessing of an older sister is that you have a second mother- a person who loves you the most, who takes good care of you, and who’ll always be there for you throughout life.

  • Life is so much better with her

This person loves you unconditionally and will also make your life so much more interesting- she’ll show you new trends, bring you with her friends at the movies or at a concert and help you put on makeup before heading out on a date. Isn’t she lovely?

  • You can tell her literally everything

A bigger sister is the one who you can tell everything- whether it’s about your first kiss or a sex-related question.

She will be there for you when you go through your first breakup or when you learn that a boy has cheated on you. You can believe in her 100 percent because she’s trustworthy and will provide an honest view on what’s happening in your life.

  • She’s the best advice giver

Since she knows you so well, she can give you great advice.  A bigger sister will never blame or judge you, but she will help you see the real picture and come up with a solution together.

  • She improves your relationship with your parents

If you’ve been arguing with your parents, your big sister will have your back and help you make peace. She’s already been there and knows that parents want the best for you. She will try to make things better, for both sides.

  1. Best travel buddy

Travelling with a bigger sister can be unforgettable- book your next getaway together and explore common interests.

Unlike when we travel with other people, even if we get into an argument, this won’t ruin our trip as we know the grudge will go away in minutes or so. You’ll make beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for life.




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