California Conservation Group Wants to Buy the Largest Remaining Sequoia Forest for $15 Million

A conservation group from San Francisco launched a public campaign to raise funds to purchase and protect the largest remaining privately-owned sequoia forest in the world. They need $15 million to achieve this.

The Redwoods League announced that they’ve made an agreement to buy this 530-acre property called Alder Creek from the current owners if they successfully collect the funds.

This large forest is the home to massive trees, including the fifth largest in the world called Stagg Tree.

Giant sequoias are the third longest-lived species of trees on the planet, according to the National Park Service, and there are many of it in this particular forest.

What’s the Giant Forest Like?

This property is located around 200 miles from LA and it’s surrounded by the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

These big trees inspired the conservation movement more than 150 years ago, starting with the protection of the Mariposa Grove in the Yosemite National Park.

Today, the movement has the chance to continue this legacy by protecting the Alder Creek long-term and its ancient trees.

The Situation Is Urgent, Claims the Movement

Indeed, the beauty of this place is beyond words- it’s a suspended, mountain bowl of lush and surreal vibrancy of greens, flowers of all colors, and a deep blue sky that makes unique silhouettes of the trees that are all around you.

The public is being asked to help raise the needed money by the end of the year to ensure this remarkable beauty remains protected.

And, the sooner the funds are collected, the better. If they don’t purchase the forest now, they don’t know who will or what they’ll do with it.

When you walk among these trees that have been growing since the earliest civilizations, you change your understanding about the world and your place in it.

Donations have already been flying in-one anonymous donor offered to match dollar-for-dollar every donation that’s received by the 31st of December up to $500,000.

Becky Bremser, director of land protection for the league points out that the protection of the property will ensure the biological richness and ecological resilience of the forest is maintained with giant sequoias that are thousands of years old.

And, they also want to give this stunning mountain forest the chance to inspire people.

Last year, the movement successfully purchased Red Hill, one of the two largest unprotected forests with sequoias in the world with collected funds of $4 million.

Let’s not forget that this land is the habitat to many animals and one of the gems of the Sierra Nevada.





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