Girl Dies in Sleep after Charging Phone Explodes on Her Pillow

A 14-year-old girl reportedly lost her life after her smartphone exploded while it was charging near her pillow while she was sleeping.

Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek, aged 14, went to bed while listening to music on her phone in her home in Bastobe, Kazakhstan.

The following morning, her parents found her dead with the battery from the phone exploded near her head.

The mobile phone had been plugged into a power socket and the girl suffered serious head injuries and died right away.

What Did the Forensic Experts Say?

After the girl’s dead body and scene were examined, it was confirmed that the mobile phone exploded early in the morning due to the overheating from the charging. However, the brand of the phone hasn’t been shared with the public.

The devastated best friend of the girl, Ayazhan Dolasheva, 15, shared on social media ‘I still cannot believe this. You were the best. We’ve been together since childhood. It’s so hard for me without you. I miss u so much. You have left me forever.’

Not the First Death from Faulty Phones & Chargers

Unfortunately, the death of this 14-year-old girl isn’t the first, but only one in the series of tragic accidents with faulty phones and chargers, particularly in Russia.

26-year-old Liliya Novikova, known to many as the ‘most beautiful poker player’ in Russia was found dead in her bathroom at home after a suspected electric shock.

She was probably drying her hair while using her phone when the accident happened.

The cause for her death was an electric shock. Moreover, according to Jacob Cohen, former soldier from Thorntree, his mobile phone caught on fire when he was trying to manually rest it.

He recalls the phone starting to glow with flames coming out of the back. He couldn’t believe what was happening and luckily, there has been no damage.

Back in 2016, Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 after problems in the battery caused series of devices to catch on fire. The phone was also banned by some airlines.





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