Parrot Stuck on a Roof for 3 Days Was Telling Firefighters Trying to Rescue Him to ‘F*** Off’

A group of firefighters were trying to rescue a parrot stuck on the roof.

The turquoise and yellow macaw parrot refused to come down for three days and was even saying ‘f*** off’ to the firefighters trying to help it.

The London Fire Brigade was called in Edmonton; North London due to concerns for the macaw, named Jessie, after owners and the RSCPA didn’t succeed in getting the parrot down.

The fire crew manager was doing his best to ‘bond with the parrot’ and was advised by the animal experts to say to it ‘I love you’.

Everyone Was Surprised by the Parrot’s Reaction

The parrot escaped from its home in Cuckoo Hall Lane and was sitting on the rooftop of a neighbor’s house for three days!

Chris Swallow, the Watch manager at the Brigade was at the scene and explained that the parrot had been on the same spot of the roof for three days. So, there were concerns that the bird may be harmed if it doesn’t come down.

The manager said the recommended words in order to bond with the parrot while standing on a ladder.

But, even though it responded back with ‘I love you’, the parrot had quite the foul mouth and swore a lot! This definitely kept the firefighters amused.

According to Swallow, the bird also spoke a bit of Greek and Turkish so they were also saying it to ‘come down’ in those languages.

The Parrot Was Safe & Sound

Luckily, the parrot wasn’t injured and was fine and soon flew off to another roof and then came down to a tree. Then, it reunited with its owners.

The Brigade says that the public should call emergency services when a pet is trapped due to a major increase in the callouts.

Officers were previously called to rescue an iguana from a roof, as well as a kitten that was wedged into a bongo drum, and a chimp from a chimney.

They ask from the public to call the emergency services to deal with animals that are trapped only when the RSPCA can’t help. If the RSPCA need the firefighters’ help, they were happy to assist with their equipment and crew.