Penguin Swims Large Distances To Reunite With The Man Who Saved His Life

The most heartwarming story you’ll hear today comes to you from the beaches of Brazil.

This is the story of the South American Magellanic penguin that swims 5000 miles on a yearly basis to see the man who saved its life.

This man is the fisherman Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, who lives in a village on an island outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 He found this small penguin covered in oil and near death, lying on the rocks near the local beach where he lives. This happened back in 2011.

Joao Saves the Penguin’s Life

When he saw the penguin, Joao knew he needed to help the poor animal. He cleaned all the oil from its feathers and gave him fish every day to help it regain its strength. And, of course, he gave him a name- he was now Dindim.

A week passed by and the fisherman decided to try and release the penguin back into its home, the sea. However, the bird was reluctant. Believe it or not, it stayed with Joao for 11 months.

But, after it changed coat and had new feathers, Joao recalls how the bird disappeared. Joao thought this was the last time he saw the bird…

Penguin Comes Back to See His Savior

However, believe it or not, a couple of months later, Dindim was back at Joao’s local beach. He saw the fisherman on the beach and even followed him home.

And, this has been happening for the past 5 years- Dindim has spent 8 months of the year with the fisherman and is probably spending the remaining time breeding off the coast of Chile and Argentina.

Some experts claim the penguin swims around 5000 miles every year to reunite with his savior.

Joao says he loves the penguin as if it was his child. And, he’s firm that the penguin loves him too!

He explains how others can’t touch the penguin because it immediately pecks them.

However, it lets Joao pet him while he’s lying in his lap. He allows him to shower him, feed him with sardines, and pick him up.

What’s interesting is that people around Joao said the bird won’t return.

But, it’s proven them wrong- it’s been coming back for visits for the last 4 years, explains the good fisherman. The bird comes in June and goes back into its home in February.

Penguin Becomes more & more Affectionate; Why?

As the years go by, Joao claims the bird is becoming more and more affectionate and happier to see its savior.

According to biologist Krajewski who interviewed the fisherman, he’s never seen anything like this- he thinks the penguin considers Joao to be a part of its family and most probably, a penguin too.